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Hi, Vic;
Ron Fleitman here, fellow class of '63 alumnus! How are ya doing? You're web site is a real gas...thanks for doing all the work. I've attached a photo of my 6th grade Pine Ave School class. The teacher was Mr. Cordtz (I hope I spelled that right). Some of the kids in the class were:
Tommy Brummuloh           Joseph Pace
Danny Simonds                  Louis Ungarelli
Steve Liotta                        Tommy Grozan
Robert Boze                       Kathy Leonard
Victor LaGreca                   Ray Rinaldi
Jimmy Hoagland                Warren Bohl
Dennis Chandler                Dennis Wall
Diana DeRoberti                 Joanne Ungarelli
Joyce Ann Bovero              Karen Kirkland
Gene Cichocki                    Ronald Reardon
Sorry I can't name them all, I took the names from the page containing the autographs I was able to get.......I hope some of the folks like the pic!
Thanks again and continued good health. Ron

Thanks to Isabel McKay
Ms Ford 6th grade class - Central Blvd School
3rd Grade at Powell Ave - Many Class of 63'rs here

Mr. Meiskin
Central Blvd - 5th Grade
Lot's of BHS 1963 grads here !!!!


Thanks to Jimmy Crawford

 Feb 2005

Thanks to Barry Doll Feb 2005
Mr. Heck’s 6th grade class, Central Blvd. School, 1956-57

Standing, L to R: Alan Wurst, Marvin Cochrane, Walter Wilkening, Walter Peter, Barry Doll, Mr. Heck, Jim Bell, Alfred Soehl, (1), Vincent Biondo.
Left row, front to back: (2), (3), Christine Benkert, Frank Alamegedes.
2nd row: Jo Candito, (4), Dianne Gabbola, Merilee Winkler, (5).
3rd row: Donna Auer, Rhonda Diamond, (6), Susan Lynch, Rosalie Faga.
4th row: Leigh Watley, Maureen Dorin

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