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(1), Charlie Caronia, Richard Saulino, Peggy Schindlar, (2), (3), Judy
Smith, (4), (5), Vic Vreeland, (6), (7), Miss Oddy
Bob Erickson, Frank Dellorto, Liz Haywood, Carol Carvo, (8), Kathy
Schermer, Patty Burleson, (9),(10) Tommy Marker, (11)
Jimmy McDermott, (___Hall), Walter Uccellini, Jimmy Crawford, Eddie Yarr, Tommy
Foy, Tony Ratto
Thanks again to Jimmy Crawford - Oct 2004

Thanks to Ron Reardon  -
3rd Grade at Powell Ave - Many Class of 63'rs here
1st row: dennis chandler, charles caronia, tommy grozan,
eddie wisniewski.
2nd row: sandra sisia, chris benkert, unknown, unknown, sandy firestone.
3rd row: cathy schermer, unknown, unknown, cathy leonard, unknown.
4th row : unknown, judy campaigne, donna auer, unknown, beverly steele.
backwall: louis ungarelli, unknown, ron reardon, kenny murray, unknown, bobby boze, unknown. can you fill in any of the names? Ron Reardon

1st row, front to rear:  Kenny Murray, Joanne Ungarelli, unknown, Dennis Braunfield, unknown, Cathy Leonard*.
2nd row:  Barbara Sanzone, Louis Ricci, Bobby Boze, Cathy Sullivan*, unknown, Ronald Visconti.
3rd row:  Donna Boritz, Diana Hurlbert*, Carol Abitelli, unknown, unknown.
4th row: Dennis Chandler, Victor La Greca, Diane Petersen, Tommy Grozan, Jimmy Hillman, John O'Connor,Unk?
5th row:  Janet Barker, Ron Reardon, Christine Benkert, Unknown, Danny Simmonds
6th row:  Jim Perreca, unknown, Joyce Bavaro, Louis Ungarelli, Carolyn Masci
*Not 100% sure, good guess!ron r

Miss Oddy - Powell Ave. School - 4th Grade
Class of 63'? - well, in just 8 years
(In Netscape, if you right click, select "View Image" - It will appear larger size)
(Right down in front is Frank Dellorto - He lived on Dorothy Street.
He an I were best of  childhood friends.  Frank died in a boating accident, I think,  when he was about 16.)

Ms Callahan 6th Grade 1957
A Bunch of Class of 63 folks here!
(In Netscape, if you right click, select "View Image" - It will appear larger size)

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