Bethpage High School Class of 1963

Those WERE the Golden Years

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Forty Year Reunion June 2003

Vic's take on the reunion - Hey having the web site has its perks.....I would love to hear from you all and would put your comments on YOUR personal page.....Vic

Well the 40th reunion has come and gone…. Gone but not forgotten.  Judi and I spent 4 days in the Bethpage area, visiting places I went as a kid on trips in that ole big yellow bus.   Sagamore Hill, the Vanderbilt Museum and, oh yes, Jones Beach.   Hey we even did breakfast in the favorite “sobering up” water hole, the Sunrise diner.  Everything has changed, yet everything is the same.  Emil’s Nursery on Central Ave. is the same, the W&L is gone…the corner still remains; the High School building is the same,.   I even checked out the ceiling in the cafeteria for holes from paper clips we launched into the acoustical tiles…they were still there!   I wonder how many times the gym floor has been sanded and refinished since we played dodge ball 40 years ago?  They have added a swimming pool since we left…which immediately reminded me of the school trips to Jones Beach with Howie Vogts.  He liked to “drown” us in the surf…thanks Howie.  I hear Howie Vogts is still winning games for BHS.  Well, Howie, your students from BHS 1963 are winners too.  It seems like most of us “made it.”  Even the least likely to succeed (yours truly) has survived…and while not the richest, when measured in assets, the richest when measured in fine memories and comfortable life to date.  I figure, if Vic Vreeland, made it, the rest of you are doing super duper!!!!!  I had two reasons for attending the reunion – One, curiosity….Like most of you, I wanted to see how YOU have changed.  To my surprise, there was little change in appearance….but oh how the years have improved the wine…. Two – To let you all know I am living beyond the American Dream, an achievement I was not expected to attain.  Come on now, who would have bet Vic Vreeland wouldn't be living under a bridge somewhere???? To be sure, my screwing off high school was costly.  I had to “repeat” high school, in a way, to pass college courses.  I told my own children, not to waste their time in school, it would haunt them in the future.  Eating daisies might get a laugh, but it would help you pass college chemistry (I had to take two semesters of college chemistry to graduate) be a “part time clown” and a full time student, if you must.
Thanks to all who made the 40th possible.  To all who made it possible for us to get together in one place and look into each others eyes and say “How ya doin?”  That is priceless and there isn't anyway we could compensate those who worked so hard save to say “Thanks for the memories.”
I was glad to do something I didn't do in high school…..give each of you a squeeze and say I missed you and have never forgot you guys………
Love to you all – Stay in touch – update your web pages anytime – see ya at the 50th
Vic Vreeland

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Class of 1963


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40th Reunion


Row One

Linda Eckert
Arlene Roncrka
Artie Novick
Lee Tice
Don Gregory
Jim Bell
Bill McDermott
Diane Hamarschlag
Rosemarie Fatta
Pat Miele

             Row Two
Pat O'Shea
Ginny Villafranca
Donna Monte
Jean Rafenski
Pat Jones
Evelyn Walsh
Janice Holm
Helena Nashofer
Lee Bart
Janet Buckley
Linda Dimmling
Carol Klein
Jo Candito
Isabel MacKay

Row Three

Ron Mirabella
Jim McDermott
Cheryl Paolucci
Beth Willoughby
Donna Auer
Gerri Brown
Dennis Berman
Mel Resnick
Joe Pace
Bill Nugent
Jo Anne Rallo
Jim Crawford
Leigh Watley
David Burstein
Karen Powers
Ronnie Riegler
Steve Patras

             Row Four

Barry Doll
Joe Daly
Paul Parnes
Victor Vreeland
Dick Brown
Dennis Schmidt
Richard Parsekian
John LaPolla
Jim Perreca
Jean Kebabian
Jim Hoagland



Attending but not in picture

Ron Reardon